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Relay Takeoff Practice – a description of relay takeoff dual confirmation practice consistent with USA Swimming guidance applicable to GRAL meets. 

Event 1 Form – 6 Lane Pool   and   Event 1 Form – 8 Lane Pool – pre-printed relay takeoff judging dual confirmation forms for event one (8 & under relay) for up to four heats. These forms include the position assignment, and do not include the space on which to mark for the exchanges that won’t be observed by the judge on the end matching the position assignment on the form. (but all lanes are included on all forms). All the forms are on one document. (If only two heats are to be swum, the first two pages should be printed; each page number matches the heat number). After printing the document, eight staples, one on the top of each form before cutting makes the cutting easier. The stapled forms keep the set in order, and at GRAL meets, they would typically not be separated before delivery to the Referee. If only two judges are available at each end, half the forms would not be used.

Events 52 – 55 Form – 6 Lane Pool   and   Events 52-55 Form – 8 Lane Pool – takeoff judging forms in the compact all heats on one sheet format. This format makes the comparison review by the Referee at the end of the meet much easier. These forms have lane one on the right side, typical of USA style lane numbering. Typically four sheets would be printed for each meet, but if only two judges looking across all lanes would be available, only two sheets would be used. These forms include space for event 1, so they can be used for event 1 instead of the traditional smaller forms mentioned above, but twice as many of these forms would be required.

Relay Form in Reverse Order – 6 Lane Pool – can be used at six lane pools that have the lane numbers in reverse order with lane one on the swimmers left.

Relay Form in Reverse Order – 8 Lane Pool – can be used at the eight lane pool that has the lane numbers in reverse order with lane one on the swimmers left.

Relay Form General Use – 6 Lane Pool   and   Relay Form General Use – 8 Lane Pool – similar to the Virginia Swimming forms already on but are labeled with GRAL Swimming and have cut lines (and default assignment notes).
Pools with 5 lanes should use the 6 lane forms.

Thank you to Ralph Jones (KC) for these useful references.

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